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How To Use Pingler To Ping Your Blogs

Posted on April 15th, 2015 | post in Howto & Style |No comment Pingler is a web based service that allows Internet marketers the ability to get their website and blog links pinged.

A basic premium account allows you to store 25 Links (URLs) in your account. These links will be automatically pinged every three days. A premium account not only saves you the hassle of having to ping each of your links manually, it also ensures that pinging is performed frequently and in a timely manner. You can also benefit from the many tools and plugins we offer.

Sign up today to our basic package price of $2.99 / month and enjoy the best pinging site on the net. We offer different packages to suit your needs and right up to 10000 URLs!

Pinging allows you to notify different search engines that your blog, website and Pinterest Pins have been updated.

The process creates backlink juice for your websites and blog posts.

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