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Linking Record & Play Back Faders – Pro Tools 9

Posted on April 28th, 2015 | post in Science & Technology |No comment

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By default, Pro Tools 9 links the record and play back faders together. However, if you want to have audio that is louder during recording than during play back, you can unlink the appropriate faders.

With the faders linked, there is no adjustment that can be made on Record Enable Mode that won’t affect play back. 

For instance, if your fader is around -15 during recording, it will remain around -15 during play back. But if you want to adjust the fader to be louder while recording yet still remain around -15 during play back, you’ll have to unlink them.

Navigate to the top menu bar and click Setup — Preferences.

In the Operation tab, you’ll want to de-select the Link Record and Play Faders box under the Record settings. Press OK when you’re done.

Now, you can adjust the fader when the Record Enable button is on without affecting the fader level you set when the button is off.

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